Useful Contacts Teaching Aids At Low Cost. (TALC ) is a charity which publishes a huge range of books, CDs and teaching materials about health and social care topics, including a wide range of material about HIV/Aids. The aim is to make reliable information available in remote parts of the world where there is a shortage of medical and social care. Most of the information is very practical – and literally life saving in places where there are few or no trained staff. TALC website includes a catalogue, prices are extremely low. TALC sells printed copies of the Memory Book for Africa for £2.00.

Uganda women cancer support organisation. (Uwocasa) is the first Uganda founded support group for women who have survived breast or cervical cancer. Many people with these and other life threatenting illnesses have found it very helpfor themselves and their children to make Memory Books. More information from

WWW.ANPPCANUG.ORG This is the Ugandan branch of an East African organisation committed to prevention of child abuse by mobilising community awareness and working directly with children who have suffered abuse and neglect.
Contact number +256 414 254 550

Tools with a Mission. This is a charity based in UK which sends excellent secondhand tools and equipment such as sewing machines to registered charities and training projects in Africa. TWAM is also able to supply school text books and reading books for all ages of school chidren. The equipment and books are supplied free but the charity which asks for a consignment has to pay for the shipping and the cost of customs charges, handling and transport. All details on the website

More information on Memory book workshops. Some of the ideas on this website were written by a social worker and trainer called Lois Pollock. She visits Uganda regularly and carries out training on different topics. For two years she ran workshops on making Memory Books and some of the material on this website derives from her experience of working with different groups. Although this is no longer her main focus, she has said that she is willing to be contacted by people who would like more information about her training methods and ideas.

As well as Memory Book work, other topics covered by Lois Pollock include:

  • Setting up savings groups;
  • small business start ups;
  • sack gardening;
  • rural hygiene techniques;
  • child protection

All workshops are tailored to specific needs of the community or group. For more information contact Lois by email on

You may also be interested to look at the website about Lois’ trust fund which supports different projects in Uganda –