Report from Suubi project, Lubanda Village, South Western Uganda.

‘Suubi’ is a Luganda word which means Hope and Suubi now stands as a beacon of ‘hope’ for the many communities around it. It is a place that caters for young children and youth, to the very old. A place where people can come and learn a large variety of skills, a place to share ideas, a place for friends to meet and have fun, but most importantly it is a place where all of these people are getting the ‘opportunity’ to improve their own lives.

In 2013 Lois Pollock and Maureen Mugisha ran a Memory Book workshop for Suubi staff and people from the local community. This worked so well that afterwards small group working at Suubi Memory Book workshopLois heard from a member of staff: “I am so happy to inform you that we are taking the Memory Book on ahead.” The fact that members of the group were confident enough to go on to train others in the surrounding area meant there will be a long term positive impact on many people’s lives.

When Lois returned to Suubi in 2014 she heard this sad but heart warming result of the workshop. One of the staff members who attended was already very ill and aware that she might not have long to live. As soon as the workshop was finished she started work on a Memory Book for her child. Although she was exhausted and sick, she was determined to leave this legacy of information and wise words for her daughter and she managed to complete her work just before her death. As well as the comfort and pleasure this gave to the child, this mother also proved that its possible to do this work in a short space of time and with very few resources. She has set a great example for other parents and carers to follow.