Mulago Hospital Workshop – Kampala

This time round, Maureen Mugisha introduced The Memory Book project to a professional community of the nurses and mid-wives of Mulago Hospital – Kampala. Usually, the Memory Book Project workshops are community based and address fundamental issues that stop open communication. The use of open communication enhances family bonding and helps disclosure about sensitive issues. Memory Book work has also proved to be influential in improving communication between guardians and parents, especially those living with HIV, and their children. The workshops also emphasizes the importance of providing information on succession planning and writing about precious family histories in the Memory Book. The structure of the Memory Book and the practical guidance on communication with children empowers parents to overcome fears about disclosing their sensitive issues including HIV status.

Why is the Memory Book workshop useful for professional nurses and mid-wives?
They are the very professionals who daily work with parents and families with problems where learning open communication will transform their lives. The workshop enables these professionals to learn more about child development, understand the importance of being open with children, listening to children and planning with them. The idea is that the nurses and mid-wives can then pass this understanding and ideas onto parents and families.

The Memory Project acknowledges and reinforces the amazing capacity that people have to survive, celebrate life and find solutions to challenges.
The topics covered were:

  • The importance of understanding the child
  • How parents can effect effective communication in their families
  • The importance of Disclosure
  • How to prepare children cope with separation and loss
  • The importance of documenting family precious History in the Memory Book
  • Where to get practical support
  • How to make a legal WILL and to handle legal issues.
Workshop participants taking their lunch.
MDS Director handing over course certificates.
If you are interested in setting up a Memory Book workshop in the Western or Central region please contact Maureen Mugisha at PO.Box 74 Entebbe. Or by email: