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The Memory Book starts with ideas about how to make a Memory Book for yourself or your family. It includes suggestions for page headings, covering information about both parents, the family history and traditions and many other things that you will want your children to know. You will also find pages with maps of the country and wider world so you can show where different family members live. Another page provides a layout to help you make a family tree.

You can print out the whole of the Memory Book at one go. But if the internet connect is limited or too expensive, you can print out each section as you need it. The different sections are explained below:Runyankore Memory Book cover

  1. The FULL Memory Book including the guidelines and all the extra pages (maps, family trees and page headings.)
  2. Memory Book Guidelines only which gives ideas on how to make your Memory Book
  3. Page Headings. These can be stuck or copied into your personal Memory Book.
  4. Mango Tree outline. This is a simple family and friends “tree” to help collect names and pictures of people who are important to the family
  5. Family Tree outline. This is a more formal way of showing family relationships: Kitaawo, Maama
  6. Outline Maps including The World, a map of Africa and maps of different countries or regions of Africa.
    You can find other maps by clicking here. If you want a map of a different country or area please click on the contact form and leave a message for Rory, saying what map you need.