How To Make a Memory Book For You and Your Family.
Learn the Basics in Half a Day.

The ideas for this Memory Book Workshop have been developed with small community groups in Uganda by Lois Pollock who is a retired social worker and experienced trainer. She works in Uganda at regular intervals, taking new ideas and practical skills to places which often miss out on training because they are off the beaten track.

This short workshop has been adapted from the much longer Memory Project. Its impossible to cover everything in half a day but, when time and money are short, at least it explains the basic ideas and helps people to get started on making their own Memory Books. (people who want more detailed information, can find it on the original website: )Memory Book work in full flow

We hope this tried and tested Workshop Plan will help many more people to start on the journey of writing down the most important things about their family. This way their children or grandchildren will learn the true facts about their family and their history – and this will help them all through their lives.
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Part 1 of this section gives practical information for people who would like to set up a workshop but who don’t have much previous experience.

Part 2. of this section provides the OUTLINE FOR THE WORKSHOP.

Coming Soon

  • Information on using Memory Books with young people with guidelines are coming shortly.
  • Ideas on how to use Memory Book work with grandparents and carers are also on the way.